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is the element whose value is constantly increasing and is not affected by the economic crises that affect other elements and other things, and its value rises over time. Rather, other elements evaluate their value compared to gold.
Gold bars:Our company works in the trade of gold bullion, which is traded in banks, as we provide these bullions to buyers who apply to our company, paying with great confidence in the company we have built over a decade
In terms of partnership with major international companies selling from various sources (Gulf, African, Korean)
Factory Gold Trade:
It is the gold that was manufactured or golden jewelry, where we provide our customers with many options according to its requirements and conditions while providing legal support that guarantees the legal and financial rights of all parties to the operations.
Trade in food products
We have very successful experiences in exporting and importing food products and we have many annual supply contracts in many countries and with many companies such as oils, sugar, dates, nuts and others.
We provide food products to our customers with the most expensive international specifications and the lowest prices, being agents of many factories and producing companies in many countries of the world
We provide our customers with agricultural products of vegetables and fruits directly from farms, as we bring the best varieties with the highest specifications of Egyptian oranges, Egyptian tangerines, red onions, garlic and other high-quality and fresh items to our customers everywhere in the world at the right time.

We provide our customers with high-quality nuts such as Iranian pistachios, American almonds, Vietnamese cashews and other nuts with luxurious specifications and desirable sizes for our customers from the factories directly as we are agents for the factories of these products so we offer them competitive price offers and always be trusted for them.

Oil trade
Over the course of a decade, our partnership with major international oil-selling companies has been increasing, flourishing and growing day by day.
We have provided to many of our clients in the Gulf, China, Europe, the United States and others their purchase requirements of petroleum products with standard specifications according to the American Quality Reports SGS, as we have many partnerships with Russian, African and Gulf sources that enable us to provide a wide base of oil products and many options for prices and specifications.

We deal in a very professional manner with customer data, which we never allow circulation or tampering with as it is safely saved in the company’s archive and disposed of completely safely after the transaction is completed and the deal is completed
We provide our customers who want to sell oil refineries the best serious buyers from all countries of the world as we work to organize a database of specifications and provide it to customers who request the same specifications and target prices
We provide our customers wishing to buy oil refineries a list of the best options and the best specifications required for them while providing the best prices and we will be side by side with our customers until the completion of the deals and the completion of the legal procedures for the sale, purchase and registration

Finance and investment
We are agents of many financing companies in the world that have a great reputation and credibility in this field, which provide great financing opportunities for emerging and medium companies to increase their profits. We also have many international investors who are able to conduct horizontal and vertical expansion in corporate economies and provide real opportunities to achieve the highest and best profits within the framework Legal that guarantees all financial and legal rights for all parties

Metal trade

Our company is considered one of the leading companies in the export, import and trade of minerals
We provide our customers with many options of origin. We have many origins such as Chinese, African, Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish, which give them many options and various specifications in addition to a list of suitable and competitive prices as we are agents in the Middle East and North Africa region for these factories and we implement huge annual contracts with them exceeding 6 Million tons per year of these products

How do we support our customers

We offer our customers the best payment options, which is the LC system that provides them with the highest levels of reliability, honesty and the best options preferred by buyers in all cases. We offer our clients many documents that allow them to complete their transactions with us smoothly and easily We provide a team of customer service around the clock to support our customers, answer their questions and inquiries, and conduct the necessary coordination at all times, even on public holidays We welcome partnership with companies operating in the same field, business coordination and mutual benefit